Dark and hideous in its nature,
Comes with an ambition.
Conceals itself from the light.
There it lies at the corner;
Present as if not.
It peeps every now and then,
Makes sure of its absence
Though you know it’s still there.
Puts on that remarkable smile
That gives the pure resemblance
Of it being the evil and cruel.
Every man wants to get rid of it
Multiple techiniques- Of meds,
Of religion, Of faith they apply
But failure shows the signs.
Terrible things it tells the mind,
And foolishly many times you trap
Yourself inside.
Overwhelming passion now seems right
Already have forgotten the surrounding,
You’re now a puppet in its hands
And it is the night of your mind.
Blind are your eyes;
That selfish ambition
Has become your true goal in life.
Helpless you are but powerful you feel.
All the senses are malfunctioning.
By now, Its darkness has captured you,
Not a part of true self is visible.
You’re a costume which looks
Exactly like you but is not you.
You’ve become it;
You’re not yourself anymore.
Though the surrounding has sensed it,
Sadly, you remain unknown.

Ask me, what to do?
I’ll say, only your wisdom can save you.


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