Fall of Humanity

Until the tears dry out, drought the face,
Barren the beauty and all plain.
You, yes you who try to conceal,
Come out there’s no shame.
Flow and flow,
Don’t put up a wisely show.
For Time shall come, that is sure;
Till then lose not the humanity left.

Fear travels in the veins.
Feel it for it shall no longer last,
Feel the pain until fear engulfs the last.
Selfish things shall make your life
And the judge for others.
Empathy will only remain in books
Those nobody wish to read and thus
All perish- Be the morals of Mankind or the humanity of least.

The medicine to evil would spread for once and for all,
And eminence as disease of weak.
The great fall shall occur then;
Repeats the Christ story once again.


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